KABELSCHLEPP – Votre partenaire pour applications portuaires

KABELSCHLEPP est spécialisé dans les systèmes de chaînes porte-câbles pour tous les types et tailles de grues et a toujours été un pionnier dans les systèmes de guidage de câbles dynamique, depuis l'invention brevetée en 1954 de la première chaîne porte-câbles de KABELSCHLEPP.

Because modern crane systems demand increasingly higher cycle rates and travel speeds, they need cable management solutions that can hold up to the new requirements. To meet these demands, today’s port cranes and lifting devices require lightweight plastic cable carriers that offer high speed, high acceleration and high durability.

Cable carrier systems made of plastic can help you to adapt your systems to meet these new demand. TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP even has solutions for extremely long travel applications that require high travel speeds and accelerations.

Since 1954, KABELSCHLEPP cable carriers have been proving themselves in the field and providing high reliability, high quality, and cost-effective cable routing solutions that can also satisfy increasingly challenging needs of the future.

  • cost-effective (compared to festoon systems) due to shorter cable lengths – no inefficient hanging loops are required
  • travel lengths up to 800 m plus
  • extend cable service life – the cables are only bent once in a defined bend radius and do not have to absorb any pulling forces
  • weatherproofed for sea conditions
  • secure protection of cables and hoses even in high wind conditions

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